Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Kickstart or not to Kickstart?

If you aren't familiar with the awesomeness that is, click on the link and go there now. It's basically a site that connects users to independent projects that the user can fund in return for various "rewards". So independent film makers might offer intangible rewards like mentioning the donor in the movie credits, while those who create tangible objects, like jewelry, offer donors said jewelry as the reward. It's all very cool and kind of exciting to see if a project you've backed meets their goal and gets proper funding.

Well I was talking to a fellow crafty business friend of mine and I wondered, wouldn't it be cool to submit an Ododo Originals Kickstarter project? I'm getting excited just thinking about it. It seems like it would be something fun to do and move some product to boot. What do you think?


  1. I think its an awesome idea and who would not want to receive your lovely flowers as a reward shoot I know I would.

  2. Thanks Angelique. With kickstarter, you also have to offer rewards for as low as $1-$5 but since I don't sell any items at that cost, I would have to figure something out. I'm still seriously considering it though.

  3. Yeah I saw that on the website, you could put a thank you with the donaters name on your website/etsy.