Sunday, October 2, 2011

Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!

So I finally started watching this and caught up with season one yesterday. OMG! You HAVE to see this if you haven't. I've always been a huge fantasy fan so this was totally up my ally, but I swear, even if you aren't into fantasy you will "get" this series because HBO did a fantastic job with it.

I had the books on my list of books to read (over 500+ books long ack!) but after watching Season 1, I bumped it up because I had to know what happened to these characters I'm coming to love (almost posted a spoiler here, but I wont!). I will say that the HBO series is more friendly to the non-fantasy fan than the books, so even if you tried but couldn't get into the books, WATCH THIS. For serious. I'm now on book 2, Clash of Kings, getting my questions answered and finding even more mystery. Join me.


  1. I agree completely!! I watched the mini series on HBO and now I'm reading the it!!!

  2. Great, another fan! :) I'm already half-way through Storm of Swords and at this rate I'll be done with the series by next week. I initially thought that there were only three books, but was surprised to see that there were much more and that the series isn't even done yet. I know I'll be anxious with unanswered questions when I get through Dance of Dragons and have to wait for the next two.

  3. OMG. I've watched it. Amazing! And when all those characters died i nearly strangled the TV

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